Staying safe while online is very important

both for children and adults.

You can click on the link to watch a fun video about e-safety, then press play to learn all about Dongle's e-safety tips.

Dongle's Guide to Safe Surfing.

Here are Dongle's SMART tips to help you stay safe:

S - Keep safe

Don't give out your personal information.

Keep your full name, address, school name and friends' full names secret. Otherwise people can use this information to contact you.

Your passwords and nicknames should be secret.

M - Don't meet up


Never meet up with an online friend.

Never arrange to meet an online friend; no matter how well you think you know the other person.

A - Accepting emails can be dangerous

Don't open junk mail.

Delete any emails from people or companies that you don’t know. If you open an email that says rude or unpleasant things, you must tell a trusted adult straightaway - and don’t reply to it.

R - Reliable?

Beware: people might not be who they say they are.

Chats and message boards are fun, but they can also be dangerous because you don’t know who you are talking to. Remember stranger danger - you should use the same rules when you are online.

If you are determined to meet an online friend you should always tell a parent or teacher and make sure they go with you.

T - Tell someone

Always tell an adult if you feel uncomfortable or worried.

Some message boards and chat rooms have an 'alert button' or an email address where you can tell the 'host' (who runs the board) that youre upset about something or someone.

Don’t forget you can always log-off and leave the website.